About Us

  Cambria Heights Academy for New Literacies opened its doors in September 2010 to an incoming class of eighty 9th graders. We are a New York City public school with a rigorous academic curriculum. We utilize technology as a learning tool, and to provide individualized academic plans for all students. Our graduating seniors will be creative thinkers who can comfortably navigate the ever-changing world of technology. We are currently located above St. Gerard Magella Church on 91st Avenue in Hollis, Queens.

Mission Statement
Cambria Heights Academy for New Literacies focuses on supporting technology equity in the classroom, and incorporates the principles of Literacy, Ethics, and Design (L.E.A.D.) throughout all academic, enrichment, and extracurricular courses. Our mission is predicated on the belief that technology is the new literacy and that students require explicit and strategic technological literacy instruction in order to develop college readiness and achieve post-graduate success. In addition, our school provides students with highly personalized academic and social supports throughout their high school experience, including a rich advisory program and creation of a “Post-Secondary Plan” – an individualized program developed for all students that monitors their learning progress consistently throughout their four-year enrollment.