Cambria Heights Academy is a college-preparatory academy that is dedicated to providing students with a well-rounded academic education including technology and the arts.

Part of what makes the CHA experience special is our three-A’s approach to education: academics, advisory, and the arts.

Academics—In the classroom, our teachers use the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) to plan their curriculum and to create a rigorous classroom environment.

Advisory—All of our teachers teach a theme-based advisory class that not only supports the students’ affective needs and forms the home-school connection, but also helps students understand their progress towards graduation.

The Arts—For two years, our students participate in an arts-immersion program taught by the artists-in-residence from our partner organization Purelements.

At CHA we believe that school is a place for thinking and creating, deconstructing and innovating, and collaborating and imagining. The educators at CHA are committed to guiding each adolescent’s process towards developing into an independent and interdependent person in order to help make the world and all of our futures better, brighter, and more equitable.