The Arts at CHA


Digital Art

CHA’s digital arts sequence, required coursework offered during the regular school day, allows students to engage in the visual arts while building technology skills. All CHA students take a foundation graphic design course in 10th grade, after which they choose from a among digital art electives.



Our performing arts program, led by Purelements' artists-in-residence, is customized to meet the needs of our students and our specific school-wide teaching goals: Literacy, Ethics, and Design (LEAD). Purelements uses the performing arts to educate students' academic, social, and emotional lives. They believe success is possible regardless of students’ personal circumstances and/or economic conditions. They empower students to live healthy, creative, and balanced lifestyles; to increase self-awareness and cultural appreciation; and to break down barriers of social ignorance by bridging gaps between diverse communities through arts education.

Purelements’ artists-in-residence visit our academy twice per week and meet with all of our students with the goal of creating a LEAD showcase each semester. Every one of our students has the opportunity to participate in our arts-immersion experience during their freshmen year where they focus on one specific area of art for each semester of the school year. In the program, the artists will use our LEAD principles to guide our students through the creation of a final piece in three different mediums (Dance, Music, and Theatre).