Greetings Families, 

My name is Ms. Ottley, and I have proudly served as the Parent Coordinator at Cambria Heights Academy since 2021. I look forward to meeting and developing a rapport with all families

Whether your child is an incoming freshman, a budding sophomore, an emerging junior, or making headway as a senior, I want to support you and your student on his/her academic journey.  High School can be a challenging time for a student, and with issues surrounding topics such as peer pressure, self-esteem and negativity within the media, it is imperative that all parents/guardians maintain a strong presence within the school community.   If you decide to join our CHA community, our PTA meetings are a great way to meet with other parents and keep abreast of school events, opportunities for your student, and most importantly, a chance to contribute your ideas and have your voice heard. 

Our website contains information which will help you become familiarized with our school (slideshows, videos & literature).  This information will aid you and your child in the application process. If you decide that Cambria Heights Academy is the right fit for your child, we invite you to our Virtual Open House.  Our Virtual Open House gives an in-depth look at our school, including a presentation on academics, programs offered, and a virtual tour. 

Thank you and best wishes to you and your child for a productive school year!


Ms. Ottley

Parent Coordinator 

Cambria Heights Academy for New Literacies

188-04 91st Avenue

Hollis, NY 11423

(718) 736-7320

(718) 736-7325