The Advisory Program
An important part of the school’s vision is to provide each student with a supportive and individualized high school experience. This vision is fulfilled through our advisory program. Each faculty member serves as advisor to a group of 10–15 students. The faculty member serves as advocate, guide, and mentor for his/her advisees. In two weekly meetings, advisors lead community-building activities, facilitate school-wide initiatives, and provide one-on-one guidance to advisees. All advisors schedule and hold parent-teacher conferences twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Advisory Themes
  • Art
  • CHA's Got Talent
  • CHA DJ's
  • College Planning
  • Community Service
  • Current Events
  • Earth Club
  • Fitness Leaders
  • Male Mentors
  • Outdoors Club
  • Spirit Club
  • Welcoming Committee