Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman speaking at CHA Graduation 2017.
Haitian-American United for Progress (HAUP)
HAUP is a community based organization that helps families and individuals to live healthy and productive lives. HAUP was initially founded in 1975 to promote the welfare of Haitian refugees and immigrants. Since its founding in 1975 it has broadened its cope and reach to meet the needs of all its constituents regardless of nationality, ethnic origin or background.

HAUP is dedicated to providing a supportive environment through education, training, culture, networking opportunities, and other support services, that allow members of the community to successfully adapt and thrive. 

Ace Academic Learning
Ace Academic Learning provides premium educational services to scholars Kindergarten through 12th grades. With 2 locations based in Queens, our approach to academic instruction challenges our scholars by innovating and expanding upon the methods of traditional instruction. We differentiate ourselves in 2 distinct ways, initially by individualized our methods to drive results and cater to the learning style and needs of our scholars, and by rallying behind our scholars, involving all individuals dedicated to their academic freedom. We pride ourselves on remaining as diverse as the community we serve, by training and molding instructors of all walks of life. Our high standards are centered around our belief that all students posses the ability to grow, and it is with this driving belief that we get results.  

High School Law Institute (HSLI)

The New York University High School Law Institute (“HSLI”) is a student-run organization that serves talented and motivated high school students throughout New York City. Alongside our sister program at Columbia Law School, we offer free, yearlong academic programming in constitutional law, criminal law, mock trial, and moot court on Saturdays from 10 AM to 1 PM. 

MedDOCs is an after school opportunity for high school students interested in science and medicine, hosted at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Through interactive activities, lectures, and mentor ship from medical and graduate students, MedDOCs students learn about exciting topics in anatomy and physiology, including cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology. 

Kumon is an after-school program for reading and math that has over 4.5 million enrollments all over the world. It does not follow the normal school curriculum but follows the student’s pace. Kumon is an independent program, and the teachers help the students individually. The Kumon Center does not teach kids in a class. Otherwise, the students would find the class too easy and boring or too hard and challenging. There are many different levels in this program, and students progress when they have mastered them. Mastery is based on speed and accuracy. After they have finished, they take a test that includes all the problem solving skills they have learned. 

Holliswood Center
Since taking over from the previous ownership, the Holliswood Center has become a model for skilled nursing care in the region, earning the coveted 5-star rating in 2014, after just 3 full years in the Center family. A large facility with a full compliment of residents, Centers nonetheless set out to plan a series of renovations that would make the facility more efficient and most important more comfortable and friendly for our residents. Painstakingly planning how to work around the daily needs of residents and staff, common areas were redesigned, made brighter and more flexible, and the dining room was ungraded to a restaurant-like atmosphere. Initial renovations to a number of patient rooms have begun and eventually every patient room will be fully refurbished. The Physical therapy suite has been expanded and outfitted with the latest in necessary equipment and the grounds have been secured so our residents can enjoy the fresh air in warmer months. The Holliswood Center is a warm, comfortable place filled with good friends, and that’s what our new look reflects, and it makes us all look forward to what new and exciting improvements the future will bring. 


 is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit, charitable, broad based community organization.  We are dedicated to servicing children and families with sickle cell disease, thalassemia, the trait, and other chronic conditions.  Established in 1978 as the Queens Sickle Cell Community Network, we subsequently became incorporated in 1997 and changed our name to Queens Sickle Cell Advocacy Network, Inc. (QSCAN) Our purpose is to provide awareness, advocacy, and an educational system through community outreach.   To identify the needs and priorities of neglected families.  To empower such families and individuals with knowledge, skills and assistance to access services and support to meet their needs.

To collaborate with health care professionals, Government agencies and programs, private institutions, and interested community groups for the management and eventual eradication of the Sickle Cell Disease.