Students prepare for a Purelements drumming performance.  
  Haitian-American United for Progress (HAUP)
HAUP is a community based organization that helps families and individuals to live healthy and productive lives. HAUP was initially founded in 1975 to promote the welfare of Haitian refugees and immigrants. Since its founding in 1975 it has broadened its cope and reach to meet the needs of all its constituents regardless of nationality, ethnic origin or background.

HAUP is dedicated to providing a supportive environment through education, training, culture, networking opportunities, and other support services, that allow members of the community to successfully adapt and thrive. 

’s Partnership Program builds and supports customized relationships between private sector leaders and principals to inspire innovation and transform public schools. They bring together ideas, resources, and talent across sectors, to develop strong leaders, build school capacity, enhance student learning, and inspire greater community and corporate support, to create real change in our schools.

Currently, CHA’s pencil partner is Harry Krausman from Cassidy Turley Realty.

Purelements uses the performing arts to educate students academically, socially, and emotionally. They empower students to live healthy, creative, and balanced lifestyles; to increase self-awareness and cultural appreciation; and to break down barriers of social ignorance by bridging gaps between diverse communities through arts education.

Our arts-immersion program led by Purelements' artists-in-residence is customized to meet the needs of our students and our school-wide teaching goals of Literacy, Ethics, and Design (LEAD).  Each semester, students choose to participate in chorus/music production, theatre, African dance, or graffiti art class. In their class they work on creating a mid-term and final showcase that highlights a student-created theme related to our teaching goals.

United Black Men of Queens County
The United Black Men of Queens is dedicated to serving at-risk youth to bring out the best in them and to foster positive growth for them and the community they live in.

Youth and Tennis Academy
The Youth and Tennis Academy promotes personal wellness, health, physical fitness, and healthy competition through teaching adolescents tennis. Tennis instructors employed by Youth and Tennis teach youth the skills and tools necessary to confidently strive for greatness while competing in the game of tennis and life; build adolescents’ self-esteem, confidence, endurance, and strength; and develop and strength students’ leadership skills, emotional, physical, and social development. Our students select into this program based on interest.