Future Ready

Future Ready at CHA

Future Ready at Cambria Heights Academy creates an additional technology pathway in which students may enroll starting in their sophomore year: Cybersecurity. Through this program, CHA students will be exposed to a more intensive course of study that includes a rigorous course sequence from 9-12, early college courses starting in 10th grade, Career-Connected Instruction, Work-Based Learning opportunities, individualized advising, and industry-level credentials.

Future Ready is the logical advancement to our mission of technology equity and a natural extension to our CTE program in software engineering. At CHA, we aim to level the playing field for young BIPOC and female students when it comes to acquiring technological expertise and achieving academic success. We believe that the way to do this is by creating an environment that supports the meaningful use of technological tools and embeds technology into our curriculum to challenge students with academically- rigorous coursework, hands-on experiential learning, authentic problem-solving skills, and college-level writing and mathematical thinking. Our standards-based course sequences use technology as a tool to engage students, enrich content, and individualize and differentiate instruction. By exposing students to coursework in these cutting-edge technologies, we mold young men and women into creative, experienced problem-solvers, and critical thinkers who will achieve success in high school and beyond.

Through both the Future Ready and CTE course sequence, our students will receive a highly personalized and rigorous educational experience that will prepare them for success after high school, in the real world and in college.