Work Based Learning

Work-based Learning

All students are registered for the two following courses, Securing an Internship and The College Application Process during their junior and senior years respectively. In Securing an Internship, students practice mock interviews, create resumes and cover letters, are informed of internship opportunities, and submit applications to internships in which they are interested. They participate in these internships throughout the school year. In College Exploration, students update their resumes, take career-interest surveys and inventories, map those to post-secondary institutions, participate in college visits, and submit their college applications. Additionally, students are supported in applying to outside internship programs throughout the school year and during the summer such as High School Law Institute at the New York University School of Law, Meddocs Pulmonary Program at Mount Sinai, and Summer Youth. We use email, school advertisements, such as posters, announcements, in-person meetings, and after-school workshops to inform and recruit students. Internship Placements for students with disabilities who have limited mobility are in close proximity to school or the internships are within the building. The internship is geared towards their career interest, and all students, regardless of their ability or disability are placed in internships. They are differentiated to suit the needs of the particular students.