Homework Policy

 group of students in protective gear posing together 

Homework at CHA is assigned by class and by discipline. Students are required to complete their homework on the date it’s assigned to them, and they should always put forth their best effort. If you are concerned about the amount of time your child is spending on homework, please keep in mind that all students learn differently and work at different paces.  What could take one hour for one student could take up to two hours for another student. Remember this when you talk to your child and your child’s teachers.

Teachers at CHA design homework assignments that:

  • compel students to think about what they learned in school
  • reinforce certain content-specific skills and concepts
  • hold students accountable for learning standards-based material
  • require students to think, reflect, read, and write
  • teach our students the value of practice and study

In addition to the ongoing homework assignments assigned by CHA teachers, know that your child will always have reading homework. While whole-class books are a required part of English classes, all students also have ongoing independent reading assignments. Students may depend on our school library to check out books for their independent reading assignments. However, it is also encouraged that you take your child to the Queens Public Library and/or start a home library if you can afford to do so.

Our students are encouraged to extend their learning outside of school and families should encourage and support their students to complete extension assignments. In addition to nightly reading assignments, please visit the following websites for extension assignments:

If you need assistance navigating the above websites, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Ottley at 718-736-7320 or ms.ottley@nycacademy.org.